In historical terms, the concert saxophone is a relative newcomer to classical and contemporary music. Though the instrument has been around for over 150 years, it struggled for composers’ attention though the early years of its life. As a result, the core of the saxophone repertoire did not start being produced until the 1930’s. The last 40 years has seen a rise in the quantity and quality of compositions introduced into the canon, though the vast majority of these works are aimed at advanced students and performers. This has resulted in a void of quality, original music for the emerging saxophonist who is still learning to navigate both musical and technical obstacles. For this level of student, teachers most often look to transcriptions (which often lay unnaturally on the instrument) and a small number of original works that fall within this standard. Unfortunately, the lack of variety does not sufficiently fit the needs of the modern saxophone student or teacher.


Also of considerable concern is that most of the original repertoire for saxophone that includes piano requires a collaborator with a very high skill level and ample rehearsal time. Regrettably, this is unavailable at many smaller universities, colleges, and high schools.


Smart Repertoire aims to start remedying this problem by commissioning high quality composers to write new, original works for all the voices of the saxophone that will adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Works for saxophone and piano that are 5-10 minutes in length
  • Use no altissimo
  • Very little or no extended techniques
  • Create extremely playable piano parts
  • Composer(s) will be paired with a professional saxophonist to answer technical questions and ensure the music fits the requirements


Additionally, each work will be audio and video recorded by a professional saxophonists that will be available for reference after each commission has been funded and premiered.



Smart Repertoire is currently using a consortium type model to raise funds. The goal of the project is to keep buy-in costs low so saxophonists in all stages of their career can afford to participate. However, to make this model successful, we need a larger number of participants than a typical consortium. Please consider helping to spread the word to any individuals or groups that might be interested.



All contributors will be listed as a consortium member, will receive a digital copy of the work, and will have the right to give a world premier within a designated amount of time (see specific projects for details).


Current Projects

Smart Repertoire’s second round of commissions is for two works:

Both works anticipate being delivered by April 01, 2021, with each performer receiving one year of exclusive performance and recording rights. The fee for joining the commission and receiving both works is $50. The price is being kept very low to attract the maximum number of participants. Please consider forwarding this information to colleagues, students, and any interested parties. 

If you would like to join, please fill out the form below and make payment through either PayPal or Venmo, by using the following information:

Venmo: search for “Joshua Thomas” or “@Joshua-Thomas-348”

Paypal: search for “Joshua Thomas” or [email protected]

If sending money via PayPal, there is no fee for choosing the “friends and family option,” but if you send money to vendor, then the there is a fee. You are responsible for covering this fee if you choose this option. The payment will be $51.80

If you prefer to pay via a check, please contact me directly at: [email protected]

Deadline to join is February 01, 2021



About the Composers

Denis Bédard, who was born in Quebec City in 1950, first studied music at the Quebec Conservatory of Music, graduating with first class honours in organ, harpsichord, chamber music, counterpoint and fugue. Laureate of the “Prix d'Europe” in 1975, and of the CBC Radio Talent Competition in 1978, he continued his studies in Paris, Montreal and Amsterdam, notably with Gustav Leonhardt.

Denis Bédard has given concerts throughout Canada, in the United States, in France and in Brazil.  He has composed well over 150 works, many of which have been performed internationally (in more than 30 countries), and many have been published and recorded on CD.  He has received commissions from Radio-Canada, the CBC, the Quebec Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Canadian College of Organists, the Victoria Scholars in Toronto, Holy Rosary Cathedral and the Laudate Singers in Vancouver, Monaco Cathedral, and various professional musicians in Canada, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and the U.S.A.  

A professor at the Quebec Conservatory of Music from 1981 until 1989 and organ professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver from 2001 until 2004, Denis Bédard was organist in several churches in Quebec City before being appointed organist and music director at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver in September 2001. In 1993, with his wife Rachel Alflatt, he founded Éditions Cheldar, which publish his organ and choral compositions.

Mr. Bedard has written 13 works for saxophone:

- Two Melancholy Pieces for saxophone and piano - 2020

- Préambule et Scherzando for alto saxophone and organ - 2019

- Mélopée for alto saxophone and organ - 2018 

- Sonate III for alto saxophone and organ - 2014-15

- Sonate II for alto saxophone and organ -1994

- Sonate I for alto saxophone and organ -1994

- Sérénade et Impromptu for alto saxophone and piano -1993

- Deux Mélodies sur des poèmes de Boris Vian for soprano, baritone, saxophone and piano -1993

- Quintette for saxophones - 1989

- Sonatine en duo for two alto saxophones - 1988

- Fantaisie for soprano saxophone and piano -1984

- Suite for saxophone quartet -1982

- Sonate for alto saxophone and piano - 1981

The music of Liduino Pitombeira (Brazil, 1962) has been performed by The Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet, Louisiana Sinfonietta, Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland), Orquestra Filarmônica do Espírito Santo, Orquestra Sinfônica da USP, Orquestra Sinfônica de Ribeirão Preto, Duo Barrenechea, The Alexander-Soares Duo,and Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (Brazil).

He has received many composition awards in Brazil and the USA, including the first prize in the 1998 Camargo Guarnieri Composition Competition and the first prize in the "Sinfonia dos 500 Anos" Composition Contest. He also received the 2003 MTNA-Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year Award for his piece "Brazilian Landscapes No.1". Three more pieces of his series Brazilian Landscapes (No.2,No.6 and No.9) were awarded first prizes in the USA. Dr. Pitombeira received his PhD in composition, with a minor in Theory, from the Louisiana State University (USA), where he studied with Dinos Constantinides and Jeffrey Perry.

Pitombeira is professor of composition at the Escola de Música (School of Music) of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) - UFRJ, in Brazil. He has published articles on music composition and theory on several academic journals in Brazil and has also presented his researches on compositional theory (especially related to compositional systems and systemic modeling) and music theory in conferences in Brazil and abroad. Pitombeira is a member of MusMat, a research group, affiliated to the Program of Graduate Studies in Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which aims to develop studies and computer modeling related to music and mathematics and their applications in the fields of composition and musical analysis.

He is a member of Society of Composers Inc., Associação de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Música (ANPPOM), and College Music Society. His pieces are published by Peters, Bella Musica, Conners, Alry, RioArte, and Irmãos Vitale. Recordings of his works were made by Magni, Summit, Centaur, Antes, Filarmonika, and Bis labels.

Dr. Pitombeira has written 22 works for saxophone:

-Aulos for saxophone quartet - 2019

-Seresta No. 20 for alto saxophone and piano - 2019

-Seresta No. 19 for alto saxophone and piano - 2018

-Linhas for soprano saxophone and piano - 2018

-Berimbau for saxophone quartet - 2016

-Eco Morfológico for flute, clarinet, saxophone, and guitar - 2016

-Américas concerto for saxophone, bassoon, and string orchestra - 2016

-Concerto para saxofone soprano e orquestra - 2013

-Parsimony for alto saxophone and piano - 2011

-Concerto para Quartet de Saxofones e Orquestra - 2011

-Impressões Sobrais for flute and alto saxophone - 2007

-Impressões Altaneiras for sax soprano e alto, trompete, trombone e percussão - 2006

-Brazilian Landscapes No.7 for saxophone solo - 2006

-Maracatu for saxophone, tape, and dancer - 2006

-Greek Suite for saxophone duet - 2002

-Seresta No. 5 for flute, sax, trombone, piano, and electric fretless bass - 2001

-Seresta No. 2 for saxophone solo - 2001

-Seresta No. 1 for alto saxophone and piano - 2001

-Urban Birds for saxophone, cello, and piano - 2000

-Pau-Brasil for saxophone quartet - 1999

-Xingu for saxophone and string quartet - 1999

-New England Impressions for saxophone quartet - 1999

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